How to get started on Youtube….NOW!!

When I started using video a few years ago, I learned a lot by just experimenting and watching videos produced by other agents. There were very few instructional videos on “how to shoot a listing video.” I found a few to help me with editing video,  but none to help me shoot better video. Well……that’s all changed now. There are tons of HOW TO videos on YouTube. If you want to get started now……then you have no excuse. The information is out there.  how to

This is so cool!!! If you go to YouTube and enter the phrase, “how to shoot a real estate video” you get results. Amazing!!! I paid a few hundred dollars for instructional videos 4-5 years ago. Now you can find the same tips online for free. YouTube also has a “creator academy” with easy to follow step by step instructions.


Make it really easy for your audience to find your real estate videos by uploading them to your YouTube Channel. Google also has a great support page for all of their services. Google Support.

Why should you create a YouTube Channel?

  • Homepage for your videos
  • Brand recognition
  • Subscribe to other channels
  • Create a playlist of helpful videos from other creators
  • So your videos can be easily found

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you need to get started with video today. Have some fun and try to be fascinated instead of frustrated.

Why is Video So Important For Real Estate?

Videos and YouTube are nothing more than tools we use to accomplish an objective. I want to help you identify 4-5 ways you can use these tools for real estate. Remember: you are a REALTOR, not a professional videographer. My objective is for you to use video to build your real estate business.

Here is a great example of someone using video to create jobs and help build his community. Africa’s Tarantino

YouTube generates Traffic and Traffic = Leads. Think of YouTube as yard sign on a busy intersection, with traffic 24/7. If you understand how to generate traffic you can build your business and close more deals by creating Evergreen Content. Want to beat Zillow? Get on YouTube. Google owns YouTube and generates a ridiculous amount of revenue from ad sales. So……Google wants you to watch videos and if you create a video of a property you are marketing, Google will rank it higher in it’s search results.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 4.41.26 PM.png

This is the year to get serious about Video. Just accept the fact that new things can be frustrating. The late Jim Rohn said, “I try to turn Frustration into Fascination.”



2015 Housing Market Review

2015 was an average year for real estate in Phenix City, AL & Columbus, GA. We’ve experienced less growth than the National Average and the total number of homes sold remains around 3,100. Below is the full video presentation of our meeting, as well as the slides. How will our housing market grow? We must continue to educate consumers and guide them through the process. We are no longer salespeople, we are advisors.

Housing Review of 2015.001 Waddell Realty Housing Review of 2015.002 Housing Review of 2015.003 Housing Review of 2015.004

100 Years of Real Estate: Where We’ve Been

How will the last 100 years impact the next 10-20 years? Well, let’s look at where we’ve been to help us predict where we are going.

Interest Rates have been declining since 1981


Our Population has doubled in 70 years

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 6.00.16 AM.png

We’ve moved to warmer states

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 6.00.38 AM.png

Women are projected to lead the workforce

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 5.56.23 AM.png

Thanks to the U.S. Census for providing this data, we are prepared to respond to the ever changing real estate needs of 4 generations. For more insight please view our video from our 11/11/2015 Waddell Business Meeting.


Trust Agents “Archimedes Effect”

Archimedes, an ancient Greek Philosopher, was born around 290 BC. His contributions to mathematics, physics, astronomy and engineering are just as significant today as when first discovered 2,000 years ago. Archimedes discovered leverage and I wan to to help you understand how can be applied in your business today.

If we are happy with the way things are, why do we seek something new? We seek to use new tools because they will produce results faster or more effectively (Trust Agents)Some people want to find ways to put in less effort to produce the same results. Trust Agents find ways to produce more results with the same effort. Trust Agents use Leverage.

What are 2 great ways to apply leverage?

  • Blogging: a great way to stretch the value of your message
  • Delegating: work you delegate should get better results than doing it yourself

What is the Largest Lever in the Universe? The Web. Everyday you can use it to accomplish almost anything more easily than before.


Below is the recording of our full presentation at our Business Meeting.



Trust Agents: “Make Your Own Game”

I just finished reading the book Trust Agentsby Chris Brogan & Julien Smith and these ideas come straight from them. Trust Agents have 6 characteristics and the first one I would like to discuss is Make Your Own Game. 

There are 3 ways to play the game:

  • Playing: figuring out the rules.
  • Hacking: finding alternatives for the traditional use of a system.
  • Programing: starting from a completely new angle with your own everything.

What game(s) are we playing in Real Estate? The listing game, the lead capture game, the Trust Game? Who are we competing against? Other agents,, Zillow?

If you want to win and beat the competition, then you need to understand the tools to let you do this are at your disposal and most of them are free. Can you beat Zillow? If you learn how to use video. View our business meeting below for tips on how to Make Your Own Game with video.

What tasks should you Automate or Delegate?

Is there a difference between Automation and Delegation? What are your opportunities to automate or delegate Low Performance/Priority Tasks?

We now view driving a car as a low performance task. Why? Because we would all rather be doing something else. Texting is more important than driving, but driving is necessary. We’ve placed a higher value on tasks that we could be checking off our list instead of driving. However, the need to travel from point A to B hasn’t changed. Self driving cars will allow us to delegate a low performance but necessary task.

Relationships can’t be automated. You have to search for ways to free up your time so that it can be reinvested in your relationships.

You are the only one who can complete the High Performance/Priority tasks and do the heavy lifting.

Everything is Different, EVERYTHING is the Same

Something very interesting happened to me last month. I received a new invitation to connect on LinkedIn because of my 30 year relationship with Camp Carolina. I’ve previously used social media to connect with friends from Camp, but this is the First New Connection I’ve made. Why is this fascinating?

My relationship with the Thompson Family began in the early 1980’s. I attended Camp Carolina as a camper in 1985. During the off-season they would travel the country to promote Camp out of the home of current/past campers. For 10 years we hosted Camp Carolina night at our home. I can still remember the sound of the slide carousel, as it shuffled through images of campers and high adventure while Nath Thompson captivated us with his campfire voice. They know how to build and nurture relationships. I have many great memories and developed life long friendships at camp. The Thompson’s philosophy played a major role in my personal development.

Carolina is a camp which boys learn to feel with their hearts, do with their hands and live together in the spirit of brotherhood. Our boys are taught to appreciate the simplicity of life, values of human relations, wonders of nature, importance of self-reliance, respect for each other and our natural environment and the thrill of high adventure. A special effort is made to send every boy back home stronger in body, keener in mind, more appreciative of nature, nobler in character and more confident in themselves.

Do you know the first question the Thompsons ask when they meet someone from or near Columbus, GA? “Do you know Reynolds Bickerstaff?” Relationships are the foundation of all businesses. Social Media is a tool we use to leverage the time it takes to effectively build relationships and strengthen them.

Before Social Media, how would Alex and I meet? Would we meet unintentionally?

  • If we were dropping our boys off at camp I might scan the parking lot for other GA License Plates.
  • Maybe our boys become friends and mention each other in a letter they send home.
  • We might meet each other through a mutual friend or at a networking/social event.

But Alex has been living in Columbus, GA for several years and I didn’t know he existed until 30 days ago. When Alfred mentioned my name in the parking lot at camp, Alex intentionally invited me to connect with him. Social Media offered a simple platform for us to connect. But it is our shared relationship with Camp Carolina that has made the connection meaningful. Thank you for reminding me to keep up my end of the relationship Alex.

Nath, Cha Cha, & Alfred Thompson taught me about the values of human relations, how to give someone a good firm handshake and look them in the eye while doing so. Good relationships last because each side intentionally works to bring value to each other, not to themselves. Thank you Thompson Family for continuing to help me develop relationships.

Explain the Obvious: The Story of the Sower

The story of the sower is found in the new testament in the book of Matthew. It has severable variations, as most parables do, but this one applies best to real estate. My favorite adaption of this parable comes from Jim Rohn.

Remember, the sower was ambitious and the sower had good seed and he never stopped sowing.

Some Seed:

  • Falls by the wayside
  • Falls on rocky ground
  • Falls on thorny ground
  • Falls on good ground

You may not be able to do all that you find out, but make sure you find out all that you can do. -Jim Rohn

Take Action: Pick/find something you can do over the next 7 days that will help you become a better communicator.

Are You In It To Win It?

When you live in New York City you are competing all day everyday. It’s a rat race, but this energy of bustling people 24 hours a day is the foundation for one of the most interesting cities in the world. If you are not “in it to win it,” every minute in NY, you will not be able to compete.

The difference between a successful person and others is not lack of strength, not lack of knowledge, but rather lack of will. -Vince Lombardi

When you are in any contest you should work as if there were, to the very last minute, a chance to lose it. -Dwight Eisenhower