How to get started on Youtube….NOW!!

When I started using video a few years ago, I learned a lot by just experimenting and watching videos produced by other agents. There were very few instructional videos on “how to shoot a listing video.” I found a few to help me with editing video,  but none to help me shoot better video. Well……that’s all changed now. There are tons of HOW TO videos on YouTube. If you want to get started now……then you have no excuse. The information is out there.  how to

This is so cool!!! If you go to YouTube and enter the phrase, “how to shoot a real estate video” you get results. Amazing!!! I paid a few hundred dollars for instructional videos 4-5 years ago. Now you can find the same tips online for free. YouTube also has a “creator academy” with easy to follow step by step instructions.


Make it really easy for your audience to find your real estate videos by uploading them to your YouTube Channel. Google also has a great support page for all of their services. Google Support.

Why should you create a YouTube Channel?

  • Homepage for your videos
  • Brand recognition
  • Subscribe to other channels
  • Create a playlist of helpful videos from other creators
  • So your videos can be easily found

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you need to get started with video today. Have some fun and try to be fascinated instead of frustrated.

Why is Video So Important For Real Estate?

Videos and YouTube are nothing more than tools we use to accomplish an objective. I want to help you identify 4-5 ways you can use these tools for real estate. Remember: you are a REALTOR, not a professional videographer. My objective is for you to use video to build your real estate business.

Here is a great example of someone using video to create jobs and help build his community. Africa’s Tarantino

YouTube generates Traffic and Traffic = Leads. Think of YouTube as yard sign on a busy intersection, with traffic 24/7. If you understand how to generate traffic you can build your business and close more deals by creating Evergreen Content. Want to beat Zillow? Get on YouTube. Google owns YouTube and generates a ridiculous amount of revenue from ad sales. So……Google wants you to watch videos and if you create a video of a property you are marketing, Google will rank it higher in it’s search results.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 4.41.26 PM.png

This is the year to get serious about Video. Just accept the fact that new things can be frustrating. The late Jim Rohn said, “I try to turn Frustration into Fascination.”