Trust Agents “Archimedes Effect”

Archimedes, an ancient Greek Philosopher, was born around 290 BC. His contributions to mathematics, physics, astronomy and engineering are just as significant today as when first discovered 2,000 years ago. Archimedes discovered leverage and I wan to to help you understand how can be applied in your business today.

If we are happy with the way things are, why do we seek something new? We seek to use new tools because they will produce results faster or more effectively (Trust Agents)Some people want to find ways to put in less effort to produce the same results. Trust Agents find ways to produce more results with the same effort. Trust Agents use Leverage.

What are 2 great ways to apply leverage?

  • Blogging: a great way to stretch the value of your message
  • Delegating: work you delegate should get better results than doing it yourself

What is the Largest Lever in the Universe? The Web. Everyday you can use it to accomplish almost anything more easily than before.


Below is the recording of our full presentation at our Business Meeting.