Why is Video So Important For Real Estate?

Videos and YouTube are nothing more than tools we use to accomplish an objective. I want to help you identify 4-5 ways you can use these tools for real estate. Remember: you are a REALTOR, not a professional videographer. My objective is for you to use video to build your real estate business.

Here is a great example of someone using video to create jobs and help build his community. Africa’s Tarantino

YouTube generates Traffic and Traffic = Leads. Think of YouTube as yard sign on a busy intersection, with traffic 24/7. If you understand how to generate traffic you can build your business and close more deals by creating Evergreen Content. Want to beat Zillow? Get on YouTube. Google owns YouTube and generates a ridiculous amount of revenue from ad sales. So……Google wants you to watch videos and if you create a video of a property you are marketing, Google will rank it higher in it’s search results.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 4.41.26 PM.png

This is the year to get serious about Video. Just accept the fact that new things can be frustrating. The late Jim Rohn said, “I try to turn Frustration into Fascination.”



Trust Agents: “Make Your Own Game”

I just finished reading the book Trust Agentsby Chris Brogan & Julien Smith and these ideas come straight from them. Trust Agents have 6 characteristics and the first one I would like to discuss is Make Your Own Game. 

There are 3 ways to play the game:

  • Playing: figuring out the rules.
  • Hacking: finding alternatives for the traditional use of a system.
  • Programing: starting from a completely new angle with your own everything.

What game(s) are we playing in Real Estate? The listing game, the lead capture game, the Trust Game? Who are we competing against? Other agents, Realtor.com, Zillow?

If you want to win and beat the competition, then you need to understand the tools to let you do this are at your disposal and most of them are free. Can you beat Zillow? If you learn how to use video. View our business meeting below for tips on how to Make Your Own Game with video.