Why is Video So Important For Real Estate?

Videos and YouTube are nothing more than tools we use to accomplish an objective. I want to help you identify 4-5 ways you can use these tools for real estate. Remember: you are a REALTOR, not a professional videographer. My objective is for you to use video to build your real estate business.

Here is a great example of someone using video to create jobs and help build his community. Africa’s Tarantino

YouTube generates Traffic and Traffic = Leads. Think of YouTube as yard sign on a busy intersection, with traffic 24/7. If you understand how to generate traffic you can build your business and close more deals by creating Evergreen Content. Want to beat Zillow? Get on YouTube. Google owns YouTube and generates a ridiculous amount of revenue from ad sales. So……Google wants you to watch videos and if you create a video of a property you are marketing, Google will rank it higher in it’s search results.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 4.41.26 PM.png

This is the year to get serious about Video. Just accept the fact that new things can be frustrating. The late Jim Rohn said, “I try to turn Frustration into Fascination.”



Showcasing Your Home for a Successful Sale : 7 Insider Secrets

Most prospective buyers make their decisions based on the emotional reactions they form upon first seeing your home. In fact, seasoned real estate professionals will tell you that even the smallest detail can be an important deciding factor, especially in a competitive market. The key to getting a buyer interested in your home — and getting them to place an offer that reflects its top value — is helping that prospective buyer feel comfortable while viewing your property. You want them to establish a connection from the moment they drive up to your home. And once they’ve viewed the inside, you want them to see themselves living comfortably in it.

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How Much is Enough? Is The Best You Can Do, All You Can Do?

NO! What if we fell on the floor and did as many sit-ups as we could. Maybe all you can do is 5 before you say, “That’s the best I can do.” You facial expression will probably tell us that you are tired. But if you rest you can do a little more. REST, do a little more, REST, do a little more, REST, do a little more and you will eventually reach 50 sit-ups. 

How Do You Get Started? 

  • Do What You Can
  • Do The Best You Can
  • Rest Very Little

I love asking and getting asked tough questions. One of my favorite Jim Rohn questions is: 

How long do you want it to take to get really good at what you do?

The answer is NOT LONG. We should all be expected to double our value in a reasonable amount of time by making progress. Most people make REST an objective when it should be a necessity. The objective of life is to act. Take action now by doing what you can, the best that you can, and rest very little along the way. 


Jim Rohn was a world renowned Business Philosopher and this post is based on his writings. 


How to Manage Multiple Offers in GA

Oh No…..did you say Multiple Offers? What do I do? The real estate market is changing. As an agent, you need to be confident in your ability to represent your client, when multiple offers are presented. Here are the quick facts, as referenced in the Red Book:

  • Inherent risks are involved and it’s the Seller who decides to inform all parties. The Seller’s Agent must ask the seller if all parties involved should be notified.

An agent cannot disclose the existence of multiple offers without the Seller’s consent

In the State of Georgia, a seller may respond 4 different ways to multiple offers

  1. Give all brokers/buyers an opportunity to make their best and final offer by a particular date.
  2. Seller can make the same counteroffer to all of the buyers but restrict the terms under which it can be accepted. (see Red Book for language to insert in special stops)
  3. Make counteroffer to only one buyer and either take back-up contracts or keep other buyers on hold.
  4. The seller will counter more than one offer at the same time. (please don’t do this!!!!) This option is RISKY. The seller could have multiple binding contracts to sell their property to different buyers.

Until you have multiple offers physically in your possession, it will be difficult to determine your clients appropriate response. I recommend you contact your Broker for their opinion before proceeding. If you choose option #4 you should box up your belongings, because when your broker finds out he/she will transfer your license.

Take time to learn more about multiple offers. All signs indicate they will be around for a while.


Managing Your 168 Hours Step #4


Step #4 The Hard Work of Having it All!!!

Once you evaluate where you are and where you want to be, you will realize there is time for anything that matters. It’s hard work having it all! No one is going to show up and give you everything you want. Follow these steps to get more from your 168 hours.


  1. Log your time
  2. Identify your “core competencies”
  3. Start with a blank slate
  4. Fill in your 168 hours with blocks of “core competency” time
  5. Ignore, minimize, or outsource everything else
  6. Time with Bits of Joy
  7. Tune up as necessary

Reading this book helped me realized I was throwing away small amounts of time throughout the week. The time log tells no lies. I’ve outsourced a few tasks at work and home, that freed up 3-4 hours a week for me. Over the next 40-60 days I’m working on freeing up (or reallocating) 10 hours for working and spending downtime with my family. Thank you Laura Vanderkam!!!!

Managing Your 168 Hours Step #3



Step #3 @Home

Did you know the average American spends 20 hours a week watching TV? Leisure Time should make you feel happy and rejuvenated, not tired and depressed. To live a full life you need some rules for leveraging your downtime:

  1. Choose some activities that make you happy (exercise?)
  2. Block Time off in your schedule
  3. Make it meaningful by committing enough time to these activities
  4. Involve your family

The next question you are going to ask is, “How do I do this?”

  1. Get rid of your TV
  2. Plan ahead

We live in a world full of distractions and quite frankly it can be exhausting trying to keep. Treat your downtime seriously and refill your tank of will power each morning. Then, the challenges of the day won’t stand a chance, whether you are at work or @ Home.


Laura Vanderkam is the author of 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think

Managing Your 168 Hours Step #2


Step #2 @ Work

“If you love what you do, you will have more energy for the rest of your life, too” Laura Vanderkam. Real Estate is challenging and we don’t always love what we have to do, but we should because our lack of passion will eventually show up in the marketplace.

Here are 2 simple steps to help you do what you love and love what you do.

  1. Find work that matches your expertise and your strongest intrinsic motivations
  2. Find a work environment that helps you that will allow you to retain that intrinsic motivational focus, while supporting your exploration of new ideas.

The ultimate goal is to find work that is optimally challenging, where the work calls on your best skills and helps you develop new skills, but is not completely beyond your skill level.

“Happy people are more productive and successful than unhappy people” Laura Vanderkam.

“We can no more afford to spend major time on minor things than we can to spend minor time on major things,” Jim Rohn.

Managing Your 168 Hours Step #1


I just finished reading the book 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think, by Laura Vanderkam, and have never been this excited about reorganizing my schedule. I’m a great procrastinator, one of the best when no one is looking. Agents constantly tell me, “I don’t have time to do X, Y, or Z.” The truth is most people don’t think about how they spend their time. Once they actually do, and create a time log, they realize that a massive amount of their time is being spent on things that bring only a small amount of pleasure or accomplishment to their lives.

Step #1

Understand The Myth of the Time Crunch

  • You are in charge of your schedule, all of your time is precious.
  • “When you focus on what you do best, on what brings you the most satisfaction, there is plenty of space for everything” according to Vanderkam.
  • We don’t realize how much time we have until we know how much time we spend on things that don’t bring us any value or add to our family, careers, or personal life.

If you waste today, you will be given 24 new hours tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after, forever and ever. If you want more time, then you need to understand where it is being wasted.

“We can no more afford to spend major time on minor things than we can to spend minor time on major things,” Jim Rohn.